Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Flying Chilies

Hot .. Spicy .. TomYam .. THAI cuisine? It doesn't take us long to link them all up. Flying Chilies is indeed a 'Simply Thailicious' restaurant, located on 3rd floor The Gardens and it is part of the SEA Cuisine comprising Bangkok Jazz/Jam, Amarin, Rain Nudle etc. The ambient is a little different from the typical Thai restaurants (with statues, Thai artwork and close-to-nature finishings), instead it has a sleek and modern outlook. Besides, bowls are stacked up high to remind us that noodles are served here.

We had seafood TomYam (served in a traditional steamboat pot), green curry and vege which are quite authentically Thai!! All are very mouth watering and (thank god, it's) within my 'spicy-o-meter'. Above all, I enjoyed the drinks the most, the very-MINTY Peppermint drink and some Thai tea (I couldn't recall the names, check the pic). Do you know that partaking peppermint can stop us from the dog-like panting after spicy food? [source: Bangkok Dangerous Movie 2008]