Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lemon Garden @ Shangri-La, KL

After signing up for Gym, now I feel less guilty indulging myself with the weekend feasts. So, I 'reward' myself with a Lemon Garden High-Tea Session for a start.

As usual, my first dish is never the green green salad, but always..

the raw Sashimi, Oyster, Prawn and Mussels
Sushi (limited choices but fresh)

I repeated a few rounds of appetizer, well, just couldn't resist..

. The Garden-food (all kind of greens) & Cold Meat .
The Western spread was very 'delicate', near fine-dining standard, from the roast to the braised duck breast meat and to the grilled asparagus.

Lemon Garden's Chinese Food - Dim Sum, Steamed Fish (very fresh, love-it!) and the Noodles stall ..
Malay/ Indian - lots of curries, tandoori, keropok (but not my favorite)..

When I first-stepped into this restaurant, I've been reminding myself to leave half of my stomach for the dessert.
And this is why ..
White & Dark Chocolate Fountain
The best Dessert Buffet Spread in town.
The noteworthy dessert are the fresh-fruit-tarts,
and the Black sesame ice cream..
Last but not least, the caffeine..

Phone (60 3) 2074 3900
Address: 11 Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL [map]

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day Trip @ Pulau Ketam

The Crab Island is a renowned Chinese fishing village, located off the coast of Port Klang. The main spoken dialects are Hokkien, Teochew and Mandarin.
The island population is approx. 6 to 7 thousands.

KTM from KL [to Port Klang - Final Stop],
Walk to the Jetty,

""The 60-year-old floating concrete pontoon cracked after a ferry rammed into it on Sunday, 26th April."" NST
So, we walked 20 minutes to the next Jetty and boarded on a Submarine Air-Con-Ferry (aka the Hokien-Karaoke coffin),

RM7 per way - No Ticket counter, pay to the Ferry-auntie
Ferry Time Table:

Weekdays - depart hourly from Port Klang (845-1845) & Pulau Ketam (745-1745)
Weekends - depart every 45mins from Port Klang (845-1910) & Pulau Ketam (745-1800)

40 minutes later, we arrived at KUAI Lok Hian - the biggest and most expensive seafood Restaurant in the island. *Promo: Dine-in and get Free Sea Breeze*

So, we explore further into the village
and found Kia Hong Haun,
Kam Heong Elongated-Clam-Type-Seafood
RM12 [Not my Favourite]
Sweet & Sour Mantis Prawn (a.k.a. Lai Liu Har)
Steamed Local Crabs x 2
RM28 (for 1kg)
The food servings are very fresh and generous <2 crabs ="1kg"> I was wondering if there is a difference between their weighing skills scale and KL's.

Lau Zhi Hau
(Fried Lala with Eggs - Ho Jian)
After filling our tummies, we took a detour around the village. The entire village is lifted above the sea level/ mudflats.
The narrow concreted pavements only allow walking and cycling.
These floating houses rest on long wooden stilts and most of their doors are wide open (indicating low crime rate?). However, the 'nicer' houses are usually locked..

The Nang Thiam Keng Hall, common place for wedding dinners. On the 6th of 6th Month of Chinese Calendar is the God's birthday, the celebration lasts at least 14 days with Chinese Opera and Mini Concert

Hock Leng Keng Temple
in the biggest temple in pulau.
Pulau Ketam Township
Fancy a-nite-stay?
The not-so-nice about this island,
Smell of salty fish
the Garbage
Ref: Pulau Ketam webiste

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Uncle Duck @ Berjaya Times Square

Recently, I found myself stepping into the Berjaya Times Square regularly. Don't get me wrong, it's not because of the recent economic Tsunami, but for the eateries! One, for the World famous Donut, Krispy Kreme and secondly is for Uncle Duck HK Restaurant, 得哥火锅餐厅. This is Chef Marco Ma's (from Yue Kee HK) first branch, as his first venture was 港飮港食 Hong kong Food Culture in Plaza Low Yat LG. I've been there numerous times, never once disappoint me.

Uncle Duck's Interior & Private Room
His specialty is obviously his Roasted Duck - very crispy skin and so aromatic with his special marinade spices "that one gives in to temptation and chew on the bones a bit".

Roasted Duck Rice Set (with Ribena)
Up next is his hand-made wantan noodles which I actually witnessed him working on his noodles in his kitchen during one of my visits. Besides, his squid balls are so springy and one could even chew on bits of squid.

Squid Ball (Must try!)
with Marco's handmade Wantan Noodles
Uncle Duck's Steamboat is rather special, it is served in an individual pot filled with the selected broth on an electronically-controlled hotplates which is installed in every seating spot. I tried the Duck Congee Stock - amazingly duckie-licious and also the unsual Fish & Tomato Stock. There are also TomYam, Chicken Stock, Satay and Hot & Spicy SOup (with 7types of Chilies!).

Stockpot on hotplates
served with a-rather-special sauce
(with nuts & dried mandarin skin)
while the ingredients are served in a BentoBox (from RM18.90 with any soup),

Seafood Set

Beef Slices
There's an interesting side-order which I have yet to try, the CuttleFish Noodles - the paste is wrapped with a plastic 'piping' bag which one could squeeze it out in noodle-form and cook it straight in the pot.

Uncle Duck also offers some of the HK-Roadside-snacks such as the Curry Balls, Pig Skin, SharkFin chicken soup etc..
Last but not least,
the HK Milk Tea (Lai CHa)
is another 'Must Try' !
Uncle Duck HK Restaurant
Lot No. 03-107, 3rd Floor (near GSC in the ThemePark),
Berjaya Times Square, KL.
Tel: 03-2144 8998

Hong Kong's Food Culture
LG-18, LG PLaza Low Yat,
Off, Jln Bukit Bintang, KL.
Tel: 03-2141 6998