Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Low Yau Kee Porridge @ KL

It was 10+ years ago since I sweat over a bowl of steamy hot Fish porridge by the roadside, along Jln. Silang's 'heritage row'. I remembered I used to eat with my legs 'held high' as Ratatouille & friends run freely around.

Low Yau Kee Porridge is now re-located in a proper kopitiam a.k.a. the Restoran Soong Kee Beef Ball Mee (which is also well-known for their Cows).

or RawFish garnised with coriander, shallots & ginger
served with Porridge
There's no better way to enjoy the fresh slices of fish than dipping it into the hot porridge before slurping it up.

And how could I resist a bowl of ..

Beef noodles 'chap'
(with beef balls, sliced beef and the moomoo tripe) - RM4.50
The minced meat perfected every strand of the 'springy' egg noodles while their home-made chilli-sauce spiced up the 'chap'.

Opposite RHB at Jln. Tun H.S. Lee intercepting Jln. Tun Tan Siew Sin (a.k.a. Jln. Silang before)

*Low Yau Kee Porridge is only open for dinner*

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