Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Villa Danieli

We traveled to an Italian countryside at The Sheraton Imperial Hotel, KL where we dine in a typical Italian villa. The ambience is very warm, comfortable and at the same time very elegant. We ordered two 5-course dinner meal that came with sparkling wine. First, they served us starch with balsamic + Olive oil dip.

Our Primi/ soup,

Then, the hot dish..

The main dishes are
1.Beef2. Seabass

Finally coffee and dessert are served.

Villa Danieli certainly exudes class and bountiful flair. The rustic interior design is very fascinating.

I particularly like the magnificient view of KL tower from the pool side that is right in front of the Italian cottage.

Part V - Hong Kong Trip

On the fifth and final day in Hong Kong, we went for the typical HK breakie in the nearby cafe (reminded me of my Melbourne days). I ordered Egg + Spam + macaroni set that came together with a glass of milk tea. And I couldn't resist a Polo Bun, the buns were continuously brought out from the oven and sold like a hot cake!!

After the meal, we walked around leisurely before departing to the airport. In Grand Century Plaza, they were doing a road-show for a popular HK comic/show (but I haven't heard or seen it before).

Did you know?

Good bye, Hong Kong. Hope to see you soon..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Part IV - Hong Kong Trip

On the fourth day, we were struggling to keep warm (approx. 12c) but luckily, we are leaving the next day. Early in the morning, mom rushed down to Mongkok to buy HoiMay i.e. mushrooms, sea cucumber. dried oyster etc.

Then, we walked down Ladies Market for breakfast. We had some porridge, cheong fun with peanut sauce, milk tea and the award winning fried instant noodles. Other than the noodles (too salty), the food was pretty good especially the porridge.

After meeting our cousins for drinks in the hotel, we spent the rest of the day shopping in Mongkok. I got myself two pairs of Converse & Jack Purcell along Bo Hai Gai (Sport Shoes Street) and also some junks.

After, I took the hotel's free shuttle down to TST to meet my friend. She brought me to some 'back'lanes' where very small shops sell clothings in TST. We walked around till almost 9pm before settling for meal. We dine in an Italian Restaurant, named White Tomato. We ordered two set dinner that cost RM75/pax.

After the dinner, we both took a stroll down Avenue of Stars and I like the night view of the HK city.

Part III - Hong Kong Trip

We met up with KauFu/uncle in the morning for dim sum. He walked us to a mall nearby, along Prince Edward Street. There are a few chinese restaurant and was told that they are equally good. We opted for the Lucky Restaurant, the quality of food was so much better than Maxim and it was relatively cheaper.

After meal, we took the MTR from Prince Edward Station to The Peak.

After that, we took a cab to the foot of The Peak where they sell tickets to the summit and Madam Tussaud Wax Museum. The tram's route up the peak is quite steep, 27 degrees to the horizontal.

At the Sky Terrace,

Seafood and Salad Buffet at The Peak, anyone?

So, we had some warm drinks (and a quiche) at Pacific Cafe on the summit. I was very satisfied with the drinks and food, maybe it's because of the cold weather up there.

Next stop is Squid Ball Noodles @ Central. The balls are very springy and taste like 'squid'. I had the Seaweed noodles with four types of squid balls. *slurp*

Besides, I also realized that the most of the shops are open during CNY.

After lunch, we walked around in Central. We shopped in a few complexes including the Times Square. Due to the CNY sales, the people are all out shopping and I can hardly shop and look. So, I settled for a cup of Ben and Jerry.

Our final meal of the day was settled in Mongkok, a porridge place. They sold various type of porridge (including the HK famous TingZhai - small boat), fried plain noodles - eat with porridge and also Yao Tiu. The porridge deserves a thumb-up.

Part II - HongKong Trip

On the second day, we had Mei Sum (or Maxim) dim sum @ Grand Century Plaza. It was quite disappointing, the dim sum is not as good as I expected. We had porridge (with Yao Tiu), the typical Siu-Mai & Ha-Gou, steam pork ribs, the HK Kai Lan etc. Of all, I like the steam Loh Bak Gou in which I could taste the radish. And also the Gai Chit (a.k.a.Chicken Bag), mushroom and Fa Gau (a.k.a. Fish maw) are wrapped with bean curb skin and steamed.

After the breakfast, mom wasn't feeling very well. So we decided to send her to the nearest clinic as she is still a little feverish. So, I went forward to the info. desk in the mall and ask .... (in cantonese)
Me: Is there a 'clinic' nearby?
She: *blur*
Me: Is there a 'chen soh' here? or hmmm clinic?
She: Oh, the nearest 'chen soh' is across bridge...
And 'clinic' is just right there, pointing at [refer below].
Me: *stoned*

We took a cab to St. Teresa Hospital, not far from out hotel. The cabby told us that it is a private (and expensive) hospital and most people gave birth here.

The hospital is old but very well maintained.

While waiting for her, I had a cup of hot latte in their in-house cafe. The consultation and medicine cost approx. HKD600++, luckily, my mom has a travel-insurance..

After rested awhile, we are all ready to go again. We took the hotel's free shuttle to Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙嘴. When I was in the bus, I saw the HK's beggars' home, under the bridge as seen in the TVB series.

Our first 尖沙嘴 stop is the Sweet Dynasty Restaurant. We decided try it out as we got some good reviews from friends.

We ordered Dou Fu Fa (Soy Milk Jelly), very very smooth and I could taste the soy milk.

Next, the Bird Nest Egg Tart, a tiny bit of bird nest is placed on top of the tart. Besides, we also tried their Century Egg with Lean Pork Porridge and my favourite Loh Bak Gou.

We then proceeded with out shopping spree in TST. The branded apparels are a little cheaper than back home (after conversion) and there are definitely are selections.

I also spotted the Kut-zhai plant along the street in TST.

Before leaving TST, I took a brief stroll in the famous Penisula Hotel, the exterior is a little to dim for my liking but the interior is very elegant. I wonder how much do I have to pay to spend a night here.

Pre-dinner, the famous Egg Tart

Dinner time, we had Goose Rice, not the best but it was good.