Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Part III - Hong Kong Trip

We met up with KauFu/uncle in the morning for dim sum. He walked us to a mall nearby, along Prince Edward Street. There are a few chinese restaurant and was told that they are equally good. We opted for the Lucky Restaurant, the quality of food was so much better than Maxim and it was relatively cheaper.

After meal, we took the MTR from Prince Edward Station to The Peak.

After that, we took a cab to the foot of The Peak where they sell tickets to the summit and Madam Tussaud Wax Museum. The tram's route up the peak is quite steep, 27 degrees to the horizontal.

At the Sky Terrace,

Seafood and Salad Buffet at The Peak, anyone?

So, we had some warm drinks (and a quiche) at Pacific Cafe on the summit. I was very satisfied with the drinks and food, maybe it's because of the cold weather up there.

Next stop is Squid Ball Noodles @ Central. The balls are very springy and taste like 'squid'. I had the Seaweed noodles with four types of squid balls. *slurp*

Besides, I also realized that the most of the shops are open during CNY.

After lunch, we walked around in Central. We shopped in a few complexes including the Times Square. Due to the CNY sales, the people are all out shopping and I can hardly shop and look. So, I settled for a cup of Ben and Jerry.

Our final meal of the day was settled in Mongkok, a porridge place. They sold various type of porridge (including the HK famous TingZhai - small boat), fried plain noodles - eat with porridge and also Yao Tiu. The porridge deserves a thumb-up.

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