Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Part IV - Hong Kong Trip

On the fourth day, we were struggling to keep warm (approx. 12c) but luckily, we are leaving the next day. Early in the morning, mom rushed down to Mongkok to buy HoiMay i.e. mushrooms, sea cucumber. dried oyster etc.

Then, we walked down Ladies Market for breakfast. We had some porridge, cheong fun with peanut sauce, milk tea and the award winning fried instant noodles. Other than the noodles (too salty), the food was pretty good especially the porridge.

After meeting our cousins for drinks in the hotel, we spent the rest of the day shopping in Mongkok. I got myself two pairs of Converse & Jack Purcell along Bo Hai Gai (Sport Shoes Street) and also some junks.

After, I took the hotel's free shuttle down to TST to meet my friend. She brought me to some 'back'lanes' where very small shops sell clothings in TST. We walked around till almost 9pm before settling for meal. We dine in an Italian Restaurant, named White Tomato. We ordered two set dinner that cost RM75/pax.

After the dinner, we both took a stroll down Avenue of Stars and I like the night view of the HK city.

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