Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Part II - HongKong Trip

On the second day, we had Mei Sum (or Maxim) dim sum @ Grand Century Plaza. It was quite disappointing, the dim sum is not as good as I expected. We had porridge (with Yao Tiu), the typical Siu-Mai & Ha-Gou, steam pork ribs, the HK Kai Lan etc. Of all, I like the steam Loh Bak Gou in which I could taste the radish. And also the Gai Chit (a.k.a.Chicken Bag), mushroom and Fa Gau (a.k.a. Fish maw) are wrapped with bean curb skin and steamed.

After the breakfast, mom wasn't feeling very well. So we decided to send her to the nearest clinic as she is still a little feverish. So, I went forward to the info. desk in the mall and ask .... (in cantonese)
Me: Is there a 'clinic' nearby?
She: *blur*
Me: Is there a 'chen soh' here? or hmmm clinic?
She: Oh, the nearest 'chen soh' is across bridge...
And 'clinic' is just right there, pointing at [refer below].
Me: *stoned*

We took a cab to St. Teresa Hospital, not far from out hotel. The cabby told us that it is a private (and expensive) hospital and most people gave birth here.

The hospital is old but very well maintained.

While waiting for her, I had a cup of hot latte in their in-house cafe. The consultation and medicine cost approx. HKD600++, luckily, my mom has a travel-insurance..

After rested awhile, we are all ready to go again. We took the hotel's free shuttle to Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙嘴. When I was in the bus, I saw the HK's beggars' home, under the bridge as seen in the TVB series.

Our first 尖沙嘴 stop is the Sweet Dynasty Restaurant. We decided try it out as we got some good reviews from friends.

We ordered Dou Fu Fa (Soy Milk Jelly), very very smooth and I could taste the soy milk.

Next, the Bird Nest Egg Tart, a tiny bit of bird nest is placed on top of the tart. Besides, we also tried their Century Egg with Lean Pork Porridge and my favourite Loh Bak Gou.

We then proceeded with out shopping spree in TST. The branded apparels are a little cheaper than back home (after conversion) and there are definitely are selections.

I also spotted the Kut-zhai plant along the street in TST.

Before leaving TST, I took a brief stroll in the famous Penisula Hotel, the exterior is a little to dim for my liking but the interior is very elegant. I wonder how much do I have to pay to spend a night here.

Pre-dinner, the famous Egg Tart

Dinner time, we had Goose Rice, not the best but it was good.

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