Thursday, December 17, 2009

Di Stasio Italian Restaurant @ St Kilda, Melbourne

St Kilda is a south-eastern suburb of Melbourne, around 30-minute tram ride from CBD. Besides the beach, most people are here to eat! From budget pizza, fish & chip take-away to mouth-watering pastries and the renowned Fitzroy Street's high-end fine dining restaurants.
For anyone out there who is ready to splurge, Donovan (facing the beach) is a must-try, followed by Café di Stasio. Rinaldo (Ronnie) di Stasio is also known as the godfather of Melbourne restaurants started serving elegant Italian food in this small yet intimate dining room since 1988.

After going through a very extensive Food and Wine menu-reading session, we finally made up our minds with help from the white-jackted waiter (also a translator).

Prosciutto Con Parmigiano
cured ham sliced thin and served uncooked
accompanied with slices of parmesan & char-grilled garlic bread
Risotto of the day
Rich smooth cream binds the medium grains
and favoured with the combination of pork and herbs
Paillarde Di Vitello
Char-grilled baby veal minute steak

Red Wine

“… Cafe Di Stasio is pure, born of the singular vision that pervades every nook of this unique restaurant …”

31, Fitzroy Street, Melbourne (near The Prince of Wales)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Kampachi Jap. Buffet @ Equatorial Hotel, KL

Sunday Brunch at Kampachi Equatorial KL isn't something new. There are well-assorted range of Japanese delicacies prepared by one of the finest Japanese restaurant in Malaysia.

Assorted Sushi and Sashimi

Grilled Fish

Sukiyaki Beef & Chicken
Beef slices in Sukiyaki broth with raw egg - one of the best Sukiyaki I had so far..

Teppanyaki Beef/ Salmon/ Chicken

I could still drool over this medium-rare beef,

The list goes on, Tempura Seafood & Vegetable and even CheongFun ..

To end:
Ma Chi

Very- Fresh Fruit (sliced on the spot)

Macha Ice Cream (with mashed Red Beans)
They also serve dorayaki a.k.a. Doraemon's favorite snack..

I would recommend this place to anyone who takes Jap food seriously, Kampachi chef runs the buffet counters (unlike some of the you-know-where buffets which were operated by mainly foreign 'labourer' - what a turn off!). Nonetheless, Kampachi really shows that they are at least a class above the rest, in term of dining ambience and most important the food quality!

Price: RM75++per pax (12 to 2.30pm)
*Reservation is recommended.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Austin Chase Cafe @ Gardens, Mid V

My last sip of Austin Chase cuppa was at the BSC, a decade back when coffee was a Fucha (bitter tea) to me. The cosy interior of this café caught my attention. So, I decided to try-out their breakie set from 10 till 12pm with in-house brewed coffee.

The breakfast sets are very reasonable, ranging from rm6.90 (for toast, butter & Jam)

to rm9 for a mini (Mickey mouse version) English Breakfast – with toast, scrambled eggs and chicken sausage

or you can opt for pastry/ muffin at rm9.

The Austin Chase cuppa (originated in Seattle – also Starbucks' home town) is very rich and aromatic. I am referring to the Americano cuppa here, the complimentary coffee was too dilute and very disappointing.

They also serve sandwiches and coffee at rm11.90. I stole some of the cafe photos from their Facebook.

Isn’t this screen ideal for football updates while indulging a Sunday morning coffee?

Where? 2nd Floor (Robinsons side), Gardens, Mid Valley City, KL

FACEBOOK – Austin Chase

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Karl's Beisl @ Solaris, Mon't Kiara

Beisl in Austrian means bistro, beer house or casual dining place. This place serves traditional Austrian home style cuisine (similar to German's). Their signature dishes are the roasted pork kunckles, suckling pig, grilled meat..

A meat lover's heaven, indeed.
Garlic Bread

Cream of Forest Mushrooms
Spinach Salad
"Karl's Beisl" Roasted Pork Knuckles
(Pork Belly, Kasseler Ham, Bratwurst,
Frankfurter Sausage, Sauerkraut & Bread Dumplings)
There are also a vast varieties of wine and European beers, check out their Happy Hour..

Address: Lot K-OG 13 & 14, Jalan Solaris, Mon't Kiara, KL
Tel: 03-6204 0628

La Fourchette Restaurant @ Saigon

Saigon, the city that was influenced by French during their colonial occupation in Vietnam.

La Fourchetta was the place to be really, a traditional French style table settings enhanced by artworks from the mother country. There is also a old French bar with great selection (of unfamiliar looking) of French labeled liquor and wine.

France being the top wine production country, it's a shame that I haven't really tasted a great glass of French Red. Merlot is the most commonly grown grape variety in France, so, I took a shot. And also a glass of rosé which is originated in Bordeaux, France.

Some Carbo to start with,

La Fourchetta specialises in simple, traditional French fare and most importantly in a pretty 'hearty' portions. Our Entrees..
?Soupe De Poireaux & P De Terre?
Leeks and Potato Soup

Garlic Sausage in a Pastry with Dutch Sauce
Next, Plats Du Jour...

I could still drool over this dish whenever I stare at it for a little longer. The duck fat melts with every tender bite of meat.

Duck Magret cooked with Honey & Lemon
Another excellent serve,

Pork Stew with Red Wine, Onions, Bacon & Mushrooms

The dessert,
Creme Brulee

I thought I could never over-order in a French restaurant, La Fourchetta proves me wrong. I left the restaurant with a baloon-ish tummy and a big smile of satisfaction...

Address: 9 Ngo Duc Ke, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Tel: (84-8) 829 8143