Thursday, December 17, 2009

Di Stasio Italian Restaurant @ St Kilda, Melbourne

St Kilda is a south-eastern suburb of Melbourne, around 30-minute tram ride from CBD. Besides the beach, most people are here to eat! From budget pizza, fish & chip take-away to mouth-watering pastries and the renowned Fitzroy Street's high-end fine dining restaurants.
For anyone out there who is ready to splurge, Donovan (facing the beach) is a must-try, followed by Café di Stasio. Rinaldo (Ronnie) di Stasio is also known as the godfather of Melbourne restaurants started serving elegant Italian food in this small yet intimate dining room since 1988.

After going through a very extensive Food and Wine menu-reading session, we finally made up our minds with help from the white-jackted waiter (also a translator).

Prosciutto Con Parmigiano
cured ham sliced thin and served uncooked
accompanied with slices of parmesan & char-grilled garlic bread
Risotto of the day
Rich smooth cream binds the medium grains
and favoured with the combination of pork and herbs
Paillarde Di Vitello
Char-grilled baby veal minute steak

Red Wine

“… Cafe Di Stasio is pure, born of the singular vision that pervades every nook of this unique restaurant …”

31, Fitzroy Street, Melbourne (near The Prince of Wales)

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