Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Austin Chase Cafe @ Gardens, Mid V

My last sip of Austin Chase cuppa was at the BSC, a decade back when coffee was a Fucha (bitter tea) to me. The cosy interior of this café caught my attention. So, I decided to try-out their breakie set from 10 till 12pm with in-house brewed coffee.

The breakfast sets are very reasonable, ranging from rm6.90 (for toast, butter & Jam)

to rm9 for a mini (Mickey mouse version) English Breakfast – with toast, scrambled eggs and chicken sausage

or you can opt for pastry/ muffin at rm9.

The Austin Chase cuppa (originated in Seattle – also Starbucks' home town) is very rich and aromatic. I am referring to the Americano cuppa here, the complimentary coffee was too dilute and very disappointing.

They also serve sandwiches and coffee at rm11.90. I stole some of the cafe photos from their Facebook.

Isn’t this screen ideal for football updates while indulging a Sunday morning coffee?

Where? 2nd Floor (Robinsons side), Gardens, Mid Valley City, KL

FACEBOOK – Austin Chase

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Anonymous said...

The ambience & food as well as the customer for this Cafe outlet has deteriorated exponentially. Customer Services is poor & even the staff turnover is very high. Guess management is either turning closed eye to the operations in the outlet or Operations team doesn't inform the management of their own flaws & misbehaving acts with customers. Few weeks back, while having a cup of coffee, one of the other customer tried to verify with me whether the bread had fungus or not while showing me the toast of bread served to him for breakfast. It was fungus. On complaining, the staff just scraped off that part and returned the same toast to him. He & I were shocked at this solution from outlet team. Very recently, I was in the same cafe due to a request from a business partner for a discussion. Reason, he asked to catch up there - less customers in the outlet so less noise and thus the ease in discussing. MIND IT, not the food or customer service was the reason. But to our shock, we just started talking , and we were interrupted in our discussion by one of the staff of Austin Chase outlet in Gardens, requesting us to leave those seats as the operations manager for the outlet wanted to sit in there to do his work. :-O OH MY GOD!! Another source informed, the same operations manager was scoffing staff of the outlet to allowing customers to sit longer than an hour without buying another round of drinks. He expects his staff to go & interrupt the customers in their work or meetings and ask to buy more drinks if its more than an hour. REASON for that, he says they r using his WIFI. Alamak!! wifi of the outlet mostly down, and I hv often seen customers using their broadband or cancelling their orders as the WIFI at the cafe has issues? I wonder does this OUTLET manager thinks, customers can not afford to pay for their internet access or what?? If they can afford to pay RM 10 for a cup of latte, often, they surely can pay for broadband connections which, thanks to DIGI, is just RM 58/mnth. I m not going there again. STARBUCKS much better. Better service. Better food. Better people. Better music as well :)