Friday, December 11, 2009

Kampachi Jap. Buffet @ Equatorial Hotel, KL

Sunday Brunch at Kampachi Equatorial KL isn't something new. There are well-assorted range of Japanese delicacies prepared by one of the finest Japanese restaurant in Malaysia.

Assorted Sushi and Sashimi

Grilled Fish

Sukiyaki Beef & Chicken
Beef slices in Sukiyaki broth with raw egg - one of the best Sukiyaki I had so far..

Teppanyaki Beef/ Salmon/ Chicken

I could still drool over this medium-rare beef,

The list goes on, Tempura Seafood & Vegetable and even CheongFun ..

To end:
Ma Chi

Very- Fresh Fruit (sliced on the spot)

Macha Ice Cream (with mashed Red Beans)
They also serve dorayaki a.k.a. Doraemon's favorite snack..

I would recommend this place to anyone who takes Jap food seriously, Kampachi chef runs the buffet counters (unlike some of the you-know-where buffets which were operated by mainly foreign 'labourer' - what a turn off!). Nonetheless, Kampachi really shows that they are at least a class above the rest, in term of dining ambience and most important the food quality!

Price: RM75++per pax (12 to 2.30pm)
*Reservation is recommended.

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