Sunday, October 10, 2010

Marutama Ra-Men @ Fahrenheit 88, KL

Marutama finally landed in KL following two (or more?) successful branches in Singapore. Their specialty, Ramen in chicken broth (choice of spicy/ non-spicy) topped with either char-siu (sliced roast pork) or Chicken Meatballs or Vegetarian. You guess it right, only FOUR main courses - all Ra-men in their fast-food-like-one-page-menu..

The Ra-men are surprisingly thin and firmer than the usual ones while the distinctive broth was brewed to perfection with 7 kinds of nuts. The spicy broth is tangy with a squeeze of lemon, not overwhelmed by the chili. However, the regular non-spicy broth would still be my bowl of Ra-men...

Marutama Ra-Men [RM18]
with sliced roast pork, seaweed and spring onions
One of the must-try additional topping is the Ajitsuke Tamago - RM2 (Half-boiled seasoned egg), runny in the inside. If you are not full, leave some soup and ask for additional Ra-men for just RM3. Besides Ra-men, there are some side dishes such as char-siu, pork belly, Gyoza and also the

Cha-siu Gohan [RM8]
A small bowl of rice with roast pork (the pork version of gyu-don)

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