Sunday, July 5, 2009

Restotan Asam Batu Laut @ Tg. Sepat, Sepang

After the Fruit farm visit, we went to a more obscure seafood restaurant as it was recommended by the locals for their unbeatable price and freshness.

Their popular dish -
Assam flavoured sauce poured over a Red snapper
Steamed LaLa with ginger and chili-padi
Oyster Egg (Ho Jian) served on Hot plate

Stir fried KangKung with Belacan

Fried Home-made Seafood Tofu (with chili dip)

*FlashBack - Marmite Crab*
At 9.15 pm (after 30mins wait), we were told that the chef are preparing our dish and was not allowed to cancel the order.
At 9.45 pm, the "auntie boss" said the crabs are on their way..
At 10.00pm, we saw Fresh-Live-Crabs being delivered - meaning we were actually waiting for the delivery boy and not the chef !!
At 10.15pm, the crabs finally arrived. It was tasteless as we were all flaming with anger..
At 10.30pm, we complained to the boss and left with a rm10 discount (=rm150 for 7 pax)

How to get there?
Drive approx. 40mins along the straight stretch of road from Sg. Pelek, passing by Bagan Lalang. The restaurant is on your right.
Address: Sungai Mosok, Batu Laut, Kuala Langat
Tel: 019-384 4362.

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