Saturday, August 8, 2009

Food court [Seong Kee YTF] @ PJ Old Town

My dad told me that I used to come here when I was little. Frankly, I couldn't remember this place at all and probably my taste buds weren't fully developed that time. So, in order to bring back some memory, we had the NG TEW LEE [intersting name - in canto] Fish Ball, which was here almost 20 years ago.

very soft and springy
(good stuff - comparable to TongShin Fish Balls)Ng Tew Lee Fried TongFun

Ng Tew Lee (gosh, I love the name) used to be the busiest stall in the food court. However, 20years later, this is what happened. .
Seong Kee is featured in the recent TV foodie show and this is why they drew such a crowd to this heaty open-spaced area. They 'wrap' each of the Yong Tau Fu on the spot and fried each dish of yam abacus individually.

We waited for an hour under the afternoon sun for the following delicacy..

Hakka Kao-yuk
Hakka Yam Abacus Bead (Shun Pun Ji)
Hakka Yong Tau Fu Besides the Hakka dishes, they are also popular for thier Assam Fish.

It was quite worthy of the wait, but we were half-fulled when the Seong Kee orders arrived. This is because during that one-hour, we had been ordering from their neighbours.
Taufu Bakar
Chinese Wine Chicken with Ginger
Ice Kacang
Address: Taman Selera Jalan Othman
PJ Old Town

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