Friday, January 22, 2010

Dim Sum @ Grand Imperial Restaurant , Hartamas

Yum Cha at Grand Imperial Restaurant.

To tell whether a restaurant serves good dimsum, one does not really need a menu. Just the following few common ones would give us a very good idea.

Ha Gao (Shrimp Dumplings)

Siu Mai (means 'to cook & sell' - wiki)

Cha Siu Bao (Pork Bun)

Wu Kok (Fried Yam with Pork fillings)

Har Cheong (Rice Noddle Roll with Shrimps)

Pei-dan & Sau-yuk Juk
(Century Egg & Lean Pork Porridge)

I was craving for dimsum for awhile and probably that’s why I have no complaint. The little dishes served hot and was great in term of taste. Besides, the dining ambience is comfortable, looks ‘grand’ in the in-side-out and the service was good.

Address: First Floow, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Sri Hartamas

Tel: 03-6201 3777

*The other two branches are in Bangsar and Subang USJ.

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