Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bar-B-Q Plaza

I've seen this dinosaur dragon (a.k.a. Bar B Gon) several times but this is my first time dining in Bar-B-Q Plaza. The dining concept is inspired by the Mongolian & Japanese and was established in Thailand. This restaurant probably going to be the next COCA, they have approx. 80 branches in Thailand alone!
Before the meal, we were given two thick pieces of pork-lard (to be placed in the middle of the hot plate) and a pot of soup (to be poured around the plate). While waiting, we mixed the garlic and cili-padi into the dark-sauce i.e. their very own home-made sauce.
P.S.: Remember to flash your JUSCO card for Free Springrolls.

At the end, we were well-fed with the Supreme Set which includes all types of meat (beef, lamb, chickie & porkie) with loads of lettuce. I particularly like the streaky bacon and the soup was made so 'sweet' by the amount the lettuce we cooked in it.


The Bar-B Gon can be found in Sunway Pyramid, 1-Utama and Times Square.
For you mates who have the crave now, you can start BarB-ing here..

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