Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tenji Japanese Buffet @ Solaris

I received an SMS from Tenji, informing me about the RM1 Supper Meal Promo and RM49.90++ (= RM61 nett) Weekday Lunch Promo. Without hesitation, I booked a Friday lunch session there.

This is my second visit there since last year, there are obviously more tables/chairs in the indoor

and also at the balcony (right next to the busy highways..).

The Sashimi bar, refiils are very prompt and fresh.

Fresh Oyster

Salmon Sashimi & Prawn Jelly

Maguro (Tuna), Horse Mackerel (Aji),
Abalone slices, Octopus (Tako), Smoked Salmon roll...

There are also some not-so-common cold delicacy in Tenji, such as the Prawn Jelly, CenturyEgg Sushi and Strawberry Yam Sushi.

As for the Shabu-shabu, there is a wide variety of meat or seafood and broth to chose from. Prepared by the chef and cooked on our table. I would prefer the beef slices to be served raw (and where is the sesame sauce?).

The BBQ counter is at the far corner where patrons rarely notice, the dishes are cold. On the other hand, chefs are busy frying and grilling at the Teppanyaki & Tempura Kitchen. Remember to look out for their Kangkung Tempura (?) when you are there.
Ebi (Prawn) Tempura per order - be a little more generous, Tenji.

In Tenji, I'm more impressed with their Chinese Kitchen than the Jap's.

Dim Sum - steamy hot siew mai

Stir-fried Vegetable

Steam Fish
Chinese dishes & Soup

The Western Kitchen,

Pan Fried Fish Fillet (with Lemon sauce),
Roasted Lamb Leg, Black
Truffle Squid Fettuccine & etc..
Tenji provides juices of all kind including the cordial (such as Kiwi) and also some fresh ones (watermelon, cocoNUT, blended honeydew-must try!)

and a chocolate fountain (for kids).
Last but not least, the dessert section,

Haagen-Daz Ice Cream

Mochi - Grape, Lotus, Cookies (must try) & etc..

Black sesame Ginger cake,
Eggless Chocolate Walnut Cake or Pandan Durian Cake

Kiwi, Peach Jelly

Lavender Cookies,
Lemon Cheese Cookies & etc..

Chocolate & Pudding

Coffee or tea?

or perhaps some Popcorn??
Visit their WEBSITE or BLOG for more information.

For reservation,
Type RSVP<24hour> and send to 016-9201899

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