Thursday, April 16, 2009

Departure Lounge @ Solaris

Next destination: Departure, Solaris. A great place for late breakie on a lazy Sunday.
They offer all-day breakfast in which we can 'do it our way', choosing three (RM7.90), five (RM10.90) or seven (RM12.90) items out of approx. twelve. Orders were made at the counter where we were given 'plastic' cards a.k.a. Breakfast Order Chit and marker to place our orders.

Two x 7-item-Breakie

(Hash Brown. Fish Fingers. Half-boiled Eggs. Sauteed Mushrooms. Chicken Sausage. Turkey Ham. Beef Bacon. Grilled Tomato. Scrambled Eggs) and toasts

The meat are fresh and well-cooked particularly the Bacon. I was disappointed with the sauteed[?] canned button mushrooms. Fish fingers are just so-not-in-place for breakie. But for RM12.90, what more should I expect and the one thing that is missing is the PAncaKe. I wish I departed from home earlier and could have grabbed the last piece from the next table!!

The beverages served in the lounge are very reasonable and I was impressed with my cup of Latte (RM7.50). The ice blended mocha (RM10+) was pretty good as well, not too sweet - just nice.

What is unique about this place is their travel-book-library, we are free to pick n' read any of them. The Aussie travel book was my choice, trying to refresh my memories on the places I've been and lived-in.

I would be back 'indulging' the Pancake (plus maple syrup) or perhaps the sandwiches on another Sunday morning...

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