Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Garden Style & Cafe @ 1 Utama

I first came across this restaurant when I was using the elevator from the basement. And so, I thought I would give it try next time.

We walked along the alley until we see a white grand-piano at the restaurant entrance. My first question was "Is this Full House No. 2?". Out of curiosity, I asked the restaurant manager, he said "Full House, what? Tak tau".

The display (such as the pots & decorative items) are for sale and there's also a store attached to the restaurant.

As I was waiting for the food to arrive, I saw tarts and cupcakes, nicely placed in a tray right next to me. FYI, the dessert are served during the Tea-time Buffet session.

We ordered their set-lunch, first come Soup of the day - watercress. It tasted a little too bland for my liking and initially, I didn't know that it was watercress. Well, it's something different from the one my mom cooks.

Aglio-Olio with prawns, tossed with olive oil and chili flakes. The prawns are very fresh and springy but too few.

Black pepper chicken breast, nothing special.

Overall, this garden themed restaurant is a good place to chill or even for friends get-together but definitely not for serious diners.

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